I was born in Dallas in 1979. I grew up in the country near Greenville, TX and have spent my entire life living around Dallas, TX. I don't know exactly what got me started or interested in singing, but sometime circa 1998 I sang my first solo in church a cappella. "If I Stand" by Rich Mullins was the beginning of about a decade of singing sporadically in various churches that I attended.

In 2006 I met Andy Anderson and we struck up a friendship. Andy had long been a blues man and found out that I enjoyed singing and encouraged me to sing. He told me that I had a great voice for country music and encouraged me to audition at a local "opry house". Finally in May of 2009, I went down and auditioned at Rodeo City Music Hall in Mesquite. They liked my voice and style and put me on my first show on June 20, 2009. I have made repeated appearances there and continue to go back.

In 2010 the band kind of fell together. Andy was trying to get a regular gig playing lead guitar for a band some guy he found on CraigsList was putting together. When that fell through the band had been made aware of my presence and had heard me sing and thus the band was formed. As a group, we've meshed pretty well. Learning to play with a band, and as a part of it, is a new experience for me but I've come to enjoy it very much.

In 2012 I decided to go back to doing solo/acoustic (and the occasional duo with Andy, of course). This decision wasn't reached due to any strife in the band, we got along swimmingly actually, but because setting up a full band got quite tiring; it's much easier to perform solo and Andy was beginning to have health problems which prevented him from joining me most of the time. I had no desire to go through the effort of tracking down and breaking in a new guitar-man.

The journey has really just begun and I am always looking for more places to entertain people with my singing. My Christian faith is strong and I continue to sing from time to time at various churches, but most often at my home church; Grace Redeemer Community Church, where I lead worship typically once a month.

Check out the "Logo" page for my more indepth profession of faith.
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