What's with the "Superman Cross" symbol?
Superman Cross
  It's only natural that people wonder why I often sport a Superman-style emblem, so I thought I'd go ahead and explain:

No my ego hasn't gotten out of control; I don't think I'm Superman, invincible; nor am I obsessed with the fictional character Superman (though, you must admit, he's pretty cool). I created the Superman Cross logo for a few reasons:

First of all, as a way to remind myself that I am not, in fact, Superman and much is beyond my control.

Secondly, the logo is a subtle way of witnessing. The Superman-style diamond outline signifies my own humanity. The gap acknowledges that failure, as a mere man, is inevitable. Most importantly, the cross indicates the power which helps me overcome these failures. At the bottom of the logo (and the top of some versions), you will see the gap is bridged by the cross. This symbolizes, not only the fact that my sins and failures are covered by what was done on the cross, but it also symbolizes the fact that Jesus' sacrifice on the cross acts as a bridge between any believer and God. In recognition of the transforming power He has shown in my life, I bear the emblem to remind me of the sins that could completely destroy life AND the thing that not only gives me life, but has made and is making me into something better than I ever could be in my own power.

If you ever see me at a performance and would like to discuss our mutual faith, or if you are not a believer and would just like more information about Jesus, I would encourage you to come up to me and talk to me about it. I would be happy to spend whatever time I have available to discuss it with you. God bless you.
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